About Us

Our Story

It started few years back with a spark of e-commerce market growing up and up each day when an average guy doing his 9-5 job was intrigued by this market growth but soon he realized market is filled with e-commerce companies that are selling everything under the sun, they were selling almost the same products coming from same suppliers. He wanted to do something different and made some advance business functions and rules that curtail suppliers from selling same stuff everywhere. He handpicked suppliers that were making only unique products that either make your home look more beautiful or make your life easy. Till today we are sourcing the products from the best suppliers that don't repeat fashion..


Our Quality

Our in-house innovative product finder teams finds the best products that are unique to the market segment around the world . We carefully select durable and beautiful materials, like solid made and metals that won't deteriorate over time. We also partner with local sellers in the industry to ensure our  products are safe and long lasting.

Our Working Culture

Boughtit is a rapidly growing multi-cultured company with a variety of career opportunities. We offer employees exciting work in a fun, dynamic environment that encourages learning and growth. We are accepting résumés on a rolling basis from motivated individuals who are interested in working in the e−commerce industry.

Community Support

Boughtit.ca is committed to support every community where we do business. We are proud to give back through our many initiatives that connect kids with technology to inspire, motivate, and empower their education.